Source code for gptcache.similarity_evaluation.cohere_rerank

from typing import Tuple, Dict, Any

from gptcache.similarity_evaluation import SimilarityEvaluation
from gptcache.utils import import_cohere


import cohere  # pylint: disable=C0413

[docs]class CohereRerank(SimilarityEvaluation): """Use the Cohere Rerank API to evaluate relevance of question and answer. Reference: :param model: model name, defaults to 'rerank-english-v2.0', and multilingual option: rerank-multilingual-v2.0. :type model: str :param api_key: cohere api key, defaults to None. :type api_key: str Example: .. code-block:: python from gptcache.similarity_evaluation import CohereRerankEvaluation evaluation = CohereRerankEvaluation() score = evaluation.evaluation( { 'question': 'What is the color of sky?' }, { 'answer': 'the color of sky is blue' } ) """ def __init__(self, model: str = "rerank-english-v2.0", api_key: str = None): = cohere.Client(api_key) self.model = model
[docs] def evaluation(self, src_dict: Dict[str, Any], cache_dict: Dict[str, Any], **kwargs) -> float: response = model=self.model, query=src_dict["question"], documents=cache_dict["answer"], top_n=1, ) if len(response.results) == 0: return 0 return response.results[0].relevance_score
[docs] def range(self) -> Tuple[float, float]: return 0.0, 1.0