Source code for gptcache.manager.object_data.local_storage

from typing import Any, List
import os
import uuid
from pathlib import Path
from gptcache.manager.object_data.base import ObjectBase
from gptcache.utils.log import gptcache_log

[docs]class LocalObjectStorage(ObjectBase): """Local object storage """ def __init__(self, local_root: str): self._local_root = Path(local_root) self._local_root.mkdir(exist_ok=True)
[docs] def put(self, obj: Any) -> str: f_path = self._local_root / str(uuid.uuid4()) with open(f_path, "wb") as f: f.write(obj) return str(f_path.absolute())
[docs] def get(self, obj: str) -> Any: try: with open(obj, "rb") as f: return except Exception: # pylint: disable=broad-except return None
[docs] def delete(self, to_delete: List[str]): assert isinstance(to_delete, list) for obj in to_delete: try: os.remove(obj) except Exception: # pylint: disable=broad-except gptcache_log.warning("Can not find obj: %s", obj) pass