Source code for gptcache.config

from typing import Optional, Callable, List

from gptcache.utils.error import CacheError

[docs]class Config: """Pass configuration. :param log_time_func: optional, customized log time function :type log_time_func: Optional[Callable[[str, float], None]] :param similarity_threshold: a threshold ranged from 0 to 1 to filter search results with similarity score higher \ than the threshold. When it is 0, there is no hits. When it is 1, all search results will be returned as hits. :type similarity_threshold: float :param prompts: optional, if the request content will remove the prompt string when the request contains the prompt list :type prompts: Optional[List[str]] :param template: optional, if the request content will remove the template string and only keep the parameter value in the template :type template: Optional[str] :param auto_flush: it will be automatically flushed every time xx pieces of data are added, default to 20 :type auto_flush: int :param enable_token_counter: enable token counter, default to False :type enable_token_counter: bool :param input_summary_len: optional, summarize input to specified length. :type input_summary_len: Optional[int] :param skip_list: for sequence preprocessing, skip those sentences in skip_list. :type skip_list: Optional[List[str]] :param context_len: optional, the length of context. :type context_len: Optional[int] Example: .. code-block:: python from gptcache import Config configs = Config(similarity_threshold=0.6) """ def __init__( self, log_time_func: Optional[Callable[[str, float], None]] = None, similarity_threshold: float = 0.8, prompts: Optional[List[str]] = None, template: Optional[str] = None, auto_flush: int = 20, enable_token_counter: bool = True, input_summary_len: Optional[int] = None, context_len: Optional[int] = None, skip_list: List[str] = None, data_check: bool = False, ): if similarity_threshold < 0 or similarity_threshold > 1: raise CacheError( "Invalid the similarity threshold param, reasonable range: 0-1" ) self.log_time_func = log_time_func self.similarity_threshold = similarity_threshold self.prompts = prompts self.template = template self.auto_flush = auto_flush self.enable_token_counter = enable_token_counter self.input_summary_len = input_summary_len self.context_len = context_len if skip_list is None: skip_list = ["system", "assistant"] self.skip_list = skip_list self.data_check = data_check